Better simple inexpensive tabletop camera support

David Delaney
March 8, 2010

This design replaces a prior inferior one. See Simple inexpensive tabletop camera support

The support shown here for table top photography was designed to provide a rigid camera support that would allow photgraphing  my hands while they were, e.g., tying a knot or demonstrating the use of a tool, while allowing me at the same time to monitor the proceedings in the LCD viewer of my camera.  It replaces the design presented in Simple inexpensive tabletop camera support. This better design is more rigid and  robust, easier to position and fasten on a table edge, and less likely to damage a fine table.  I used 1/4-20 jig fixtures from Lee Valley  for the round-knob bolt fastening the ball head to the boom, and  for the knobs on the bolts fastening the aluminum boom to the wooden block. The only power tool used in the fabrication of the tabletop camera support was an electric hand drill.

Center board of wooden block for tabletop camera boom
The middle board of the three boards that make up the wooden base block.  The C-clamp will be embedded in epoxy in the cutout in the center board.

Glued-up and shaped wooden block for tabletop camera boom support
The three boards glued up and shaped to form the wooden base block for the camera boom support.

C-clamp inserted into wooden block for tabletop camera boom support 
Test insertion of the C-clamp. It will be epoxied in place when the wooden base block is finished.

Finished wooden block for tabletop camera boom with C-clamp and aluminum boom attached 
The wooden base block for the tabletop camera boom support finished, with the C-clamp epoxied in place and aluminum camera  boom attached. Note the green felt on the bottom of the wooden base block.

Camera boom shown fastened to table edge with C-clamp
Close up of the base of the completed tabletop camera support boom clamped to table.

Tabletop camera boom shown with ball head   
Complete tabletop camera support boom, with Manfrotto 486RC2 ball head and quick release attached.