Solar Cooking

A Pot with Integrated Greenhouse for Solar Panel Cooker,   March 28, 1999
Comparison of Lids for Greenhouse Pots for Solar Panel Cookers,  November 15, 1999
Improvising a Greenhouse Pot for Solar Panel Cooking,  December 4, 1999
Solar Cooking on the Roof,  December 23,1999
Note on Scheffler's Community Solar Cooker,  June 15, 2000
The Solar Pot Skirt: Greenhouse and Pot Stand for Solar Panel Cooking, May 2002
The illumination on a pot above a reflecting plane, August 2002
Inverting the solar box cooker -- the ISBC, February 2003
A sling for SHE's HotPot, May 2003
An improved soda bottle pasteurizer, May 2003
Using a big plastic water bottle as a greenhouse for solar water pasteurizer, May2003