Simple throwing sling with leather pouch

David M. Delaney, June 3, 2010

The cord used in this sling was sold as 1/16 inch nylon braid.  It is a very firm round cord that actually measures almost 3/32 inch -- almost exactly 2 mm. The leather is soft, thin, and flexible, but strong. The suede side is on the interior of the pouch. The  pouch measures 4 inch by 2-3/8 inch (100 mm by 60 mm). It was sewn onto the cord with dental floss. The stitches go around the cord, not through it, except for the starting and terminating stitches, which were easier to anchor reliably in the cord than in the leather.  Extra reinforcing stitches were applied in the four places where the cords are near the end knots. The end knots themselves are not sewn to the leather. The pouch was stretched overnight by dampening it slightly and suspending a weight from it as it was supported by the rounded end of a dowl held vertically in a vise, as shown. Each handle measures 31-1/2 inch (800 mm) from the centre of the pouch to the tip of the handle.

sling-no-2-01.jpg sling-no-2-02.jpg sling-no-2-03.jpg sling-no-2-04.jpg sling-no-2-05.jpg sling-no-2-stretching-the-pouch.jpg Knots home    DMD Home