Stone-throwing sling woven from hollow nylon braid

David M. Delaney, May 30, 2010

To make this sling today I followed the recipe in 5-Strand Woven Paracord Sling Tutorial. The handles and the warp of the pouch are one piece of cord (about 8 feet or 2-1/2 meter). The weft of the pouch is the second of the two pieces of cord required (about 5 feet). The article calls the knot that constructs the warp of the pouch a sheet bend. It’s actually a locked sheepshank – the first use of the sheepshank that I've every really cared about, although I've known the knot  for at least 55 years.


This sling measures 30  inches (760 mm) from the middle of the pouch to the tip of either handle. The pouch measures 5 inches (125 mm) by 2-1/4 inches (55 mm). The release cord is terminated by an Ashly stopper knot, ABOK 526.  The retention loop is an ABOK 1038.  These knots seem particularly good for these two purposes, but many alternatives would work well for either.

The construction took about three hours of fiddling. It would go much faster a second time. I filed an old Robertson screwdriver into a smooth-pointed marlinespike (shown above). It was very useful in working the weave.  I didn’t have paracord, but the 1/8 inch hollow nylon braid I used seems to have worked well. If I make another sling I’ll use more cord for the weft to make the weave tighter. But I think this one will work very well as it is.

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