David Delaney's knot pages

Definitions used in the knot pages:

References to ABOK in the following pages are to the Ashley Book of Knots.   For example, ABOK 1452 means article number 1452 in the Ashley Book of Knots.

Bend: a knot for joining the ends of two ropes to make a longer rope, or for joining the two ends of a rope to make a loop.
Hitch: a knot tied to a post, cable, ring, or spar.
Working end: the active end of a line used in making a knot.
Working part: the section of line between a knot and a working end.
Standing end: the end of the rope not involved in making a knot.
Standing part: the section of line between a knot and a standing end.
Bight: any curved section, slack part, or loop between the ends of a rope.

Although the sense given above for "bend" is modern and now widely advocated, "bend"  has traditionally been used in the names of several knots that are not bends in this modern sense.  Similarly, several knots that are bends in this modern sense are sometimes traditionally named "knots", or something else. These traditional usages are often  respected, even in works that advocate the above definition.  A similar comment applies to "hitch". This inconsistency of knotting terminology is usually considered to be charming.

The knot pages:

The bag knot is perhaps the best general purpose sack-closing knot. It's also a good hitch.

How to tie a sash with ABOK 1474,  the parcel bend, the best string bend for tying under tension

Sailor's Hitch, ABOK. 1688, a lovely hitch that dresses itself

An icicle hitch - hang a load from a smooth vertical pole, or lift a pipe

The Carrick Bend, ABOK 1439 - the best general purpose bend?

The Zepplin Bend - the best general purpose bend?  And the Zeppelin Loop

The (Alpine) Butterfly Bend - the best general purpose bend?

Ashley's Bend, ABOK 1452 - jams under loads that stretch its rope

Jam testing several bends

The Butterfly Loop as an end-loop tied through a mounted ring, around a tall pole, etc.

The Butterfly Bend Loop (A better Butterfly end loop than the one above)

The Better Bow (A shoelace knot)

The Lapp knot, a bend, and its evil imposter, the anti-Lapp knot

Stone-throwing sling woven from hollow nylon braid

Simple throwing sling with leather pouch