An icicle hitch

David M. Delaney

Here's a particularly simple icicle hitch, suitable for hanging an object from a smooth vertical pole.  Is this *the* famous icicle hitch that supposedly grips even a smooth vertical pole that tapers downward?  No,  The knot properly known as *the*  icicle hitch may be seen at    ( A perhaps more robust  icicle hitch might be the "gripping sailor's hitch". See

But the knot shown below is suitable for any steady load, and it's easier to remember and tie than the other icicle hitches. If you add another hitch around the pole with the working end, you get the camel hitch which appears in Ashley Book of Knots as # 215 and # 1741.

icicle-hitch-step-1.gif icicle-hitch-step-2.gif icicle-hitch-step-3.gif icicle-hitch-step-4.gif icicle-hitch-step-5.gif icicle-hitch-step-6.gif
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