A sling for SHE's HotPot

...makes carrying the HotPot easier and safer

David Delaney, Ottawa, ddelaney@sympatico.ca
May, 2003

Solar Household Energy, Inc.'s (SHE's)  HotPot is an excellent greenhouse pot for solar panel cooking.  The sling shown here makes it possible to carry a hot full HotPot with one hand.

HP-sling-intro-718.gifHP-sling-intro-720.gif HP-sling-intro-721.gif

Here's the sling on an upside down greenhouse:


How to tie the sling

Click here (html) for precise measurements and step-by-step photographic instructions for tying the sling,

For a PDF version, click here.  (690 KB PDF).  On a slow link the PDF version may load more reliably than the html version.

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