Wind Power Resources

Andrew Ferguson

    Glossary of wind power terms
    Five short papers in one pdf file:
                Wind power and electrical demand
                Wind power objections
                Wind power and natural gas
                Wind power with coal and “dominant in-harness backup”
                Wind and pv with and without fossil fuels
                A postscript on popular delusions
    Fundamental problems
    Lessons from the DENA grid study
    Getting the measure of wind
    Getting the measure of wind (PDF of spreadsheet)
    Rule of thumb for UK wind output
    South Australia wind study - appraisal

E.ON Netz (Germany) Reports  

    E.ON Netz Wind Report 2004
    E.ON Netz Wind Report 2005

Jerome a Paris  ( Jérôme Guillet)

    The cost of wind, the price of wind, the value of wind


    Summary of the DENA grid study