The Folly of Growth

New Scientist magazine, October 18-24, 2008

The-Folly-of-Growth-New-Scientist-2008-10-18.jpgIs the world-view of The Limits to Growth, the 1972 report to the Club of Rome, gaining new life? This issue of  the New Scientist magazine would seem to indicate that it is. The theme of the issue is  The Folly of Growth

Articles of the reature report to which access is free::

Time to banish the God of growth:

Why our economy is killing the planet.

What politicians dare not say

Articles for which access requires a subscription:

We should act like the animals we are (Interview with David Suziki)
On a road to disaster (By Herman Daly)
Swimming upstream (An interview with Gus Speth)
Trickle-down myth
We must think big
How we kicked our addition to growth (prospective history)
The good life