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The Bottleneck:
What to do in a failing civilization (html)   (pdf for printing)
    Overshoot in a nutshell  (Malthus was an optimist) 
    Irregular thoughts on economic growth and related subjects
    Population growth stops decreasing!
    New Scientist feature issue: The Folly of Growth
    Short Circuit: Richard Douthwaite's handbook for guerilla relocalization
    Jay Forrester's prescription for cities
    Oil Depletion
    E.M. Forster's prescient short story (1909), The Machine Stops
    The Bottleneck
Solar Cooking
Residential solar heating:
    Single-pump drainback scheme for modest pump head in a tall house
    Solar Energy Storage Wall for Passive Survivability
    Organizing the air flow between a thermosyphon solar air heater and a thermal mass located above it
    Solar air heater with attic heat store for 100% solar heating
    Scheme for a 100% Passive 100% solar house for a cold climate
    Free-standing column of stones for a heat store without fans
    Buckley's Thermic Diode
    Mechnix Illustrated article on the thermic diode
    Check valves for passive solar water heating systems
    Distributing hot water into a hot water heat store while maintaining thermal stratification
    Shurcliff's scheme to create and maintain thermal stratification of solar hot water storage tanks
    Larkin's anti-reverse syphon solar air heater
Entirely passive solar air heater with water store, auto radiator heat exchanger
    Early notes on high solar fraction houses
    Air lift pumps for solar water heating applications
    Solar Water Heating
    Self-pumping solar heating system with geyser pumping action
    Sorensen's bubble pump for solar water heaters
    Thermal mass of drums of water on top of a stack of concrete blocks
    Nuclear fusion and Robert W. Bussard
    Wind Power Resources
    Larsen truss for superinsulated house
    How to increase the output of a nuclear generating plant by 20%
    Heat Pipes
    Solar Energy Links
    Net Energy and Embodied Energy
    My posts to the energyresources group (2 MB)
    Christmas tree watering device
    Simple inexpensive camera support for table top photography
    Configuring Thunderbird on the Mac for Sympatico's pophm and smtphm
    Fire starter
    Sun and weather data for Ottawa, Ontario
    Scutigera Coleoptrata
    Montague's folding bicycle patent
    Leslie and David, February 2009 (104 KB)

  Interesting sites:

   Peak oil and the fate of humanity.  Robert Bériault's excellent ebook.